Car Goes Back to the Shop

I think I am investing in the college fund for the local mechanic’s grandson. But is there a point where the car has nothing more to fix?

Last week, my wife called and the vehicle she was taking to work started running very rough – at first we are thinking front end vibration from the damage when the 4Runner skidded off the highway during a downpour. But that had been fixed. Hadn’t it? She got to work so I drove out to switch vehicles and see what I could do. Me – the main who is mechanically challenged.

I got them switched, arrived back home, with an engine that seemed to be leaking power. The engine light was keeping the beat with the song on the radio – off-on-solid-off-on and repeat. I took out to my guy, I’ve always got a guy when it comes to car repair. He’s on speed dial, first name basis, and lots of trust and friendship. There was no mechanical clanging, metal rubbing, or pinging – so I had hope.

Fuel Injector. Whatever that does. Wait – 2 of them. I’ve got 2? Hold up. Six? He explained a little – maybe he explained a lot and I understood a little. He advised doing all six when you’ve got her open – or something like that. So Six Fuel Injectors it is.

Add an oil change and a new inspection sticker.

And BAM – I’ve got a running car again. And it runs well. I love my guy. Stay away – he’s my guy. Not really – I will share. I will now take the 4Runner as my regular car and put the FJ on the alert-5 pad for all the mounting jaunts I will do. And to the mountains I will go.

And I started to think of my life. Sometimes I too seem to be leaking power. I go through life on less than what I know God has for me. But it is not His fault. I let may life run down, don’t pay enough attention to keeping myself running all all cylinders, and get worn out.

And when that happens, it’s more than cool down session – I need major engine work.

And get this, my guy did some work proactively. He replaced four injectors knowing they too will break down. If two did, the other four are not far behind. Therefore, fix them now.

There are times I need to listen to the professionals and invest in keeping my life running – medical doctors, spiritual leaders, my wife. They know things I don’t and I trust them. But in all of it, I take it back to the owner’s manual. The builders should know – and when it comes to my life – the builder does know. The builder is God almighty. I will return to the owner’s manual and pay attention. I will consider His ways.

Trust int he Lord – He will direct your path.

I do. Will you?






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