She Conquers a Fear

She went to new heights – really high. Yet she has always dreaded heights. When we were on our honeymoon, she trembled at being on the double steps of the Jefferson Memorial – afraid to hop down just a little.

But no … get her with another man and no problems. It’s not what you think. The other man was a 6 month old adorable little bald-headed, rug-crawling, clingy grandson. You see, I think it wasn’t who she was with, it was what was her focus. At times, she focused on the distance she was from the ground, the air in between and how far she would flail until she hit the ground below. But this time, we see her focus on him, that heart-stealing, cuteness of 20 pounds.

So off to the state fair of Texas. Hop on to the Texas Star (second largest Ferris wheel in North America – largest in the US.) The Texas Star is the most popular ride of the fair. Brought over from Italy in 1894, this ride still delights fair goers in the Cotton Bowl area of Dallas. She rode the 21 story high ferris wheel with her arms wrapped around another man.

Fear is something we all face – and thought the object of that fear differs, the fact it is there does not. Fear of spiders, clowns, losing your phone, war, death – they exist. But in the grand scope of things, we really do not need to fear for we have a God that loves us and cares for us and has everything in His hands. That our doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen, but it does mean He will get us through it. We will fear no evil, for He is with us.

In Dallas, she was so focused on the little one, her fears were overcome.

The lesson for all of us – stay focused on Jesus – fix your eyes on Him – and the things (and fears) of this earth will grow strangely dim.

No Fear – for we Know Someone greater!






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