I Got the Adult Happy Meal

The internet was very sluggish this morning so I went to McDonalds to enjoy a biscuit and a drink. I got quite a bit of work done and I stayed long enough that it was lunch time before I left. So I decided I would try the new … Limited Edition: Cactus Plant Flea Market box. I got the adult happy meal. I learned a few things …

  • the price was about $12 – not a real break but it is a novelty for now
  • I still enjoy getting a toy – Got Grimace – and who doesn’t love the purple blobbed pal of Ronald
  • No one knows what a Grimace is – the internet is divided among a giant human tastebud or pile off purple poo – either way is a bit creepy
  • I experienced a rather odd joy as I ran out of fries quickly – and they were something I was looking for … but as I looked in the bottom of the box, there they were … a pile of fries that had escaped the fry container and awaited discovery like a pile of treasure … filled with golden fresh crispness … finding extra fries after you are done is kind of a special joy

The nostalgia was there … tasty morsels, a surprise toy, and all of it in a simple carrying device of a colorful box.

This is in cooperation with Cactus plant flea market – a qwerky brand of clothes that seen to tape in to the nostalgia but is really nothing more than McDonalds promotions. Maybe in this case – Capitalism is greater than nostalgia.

Lessons …

  • Sometimes it is better to remember something than to try to relive it
  • I love finding fries – it’s the little things in life that make me happy

Now, if you’ll excuse me – I need to exercise the fries off. Have a blessed Thursday.





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