I Lost the Office Credit Card

They really don’t give me one – I am not sure if they just don’t want me losing it or if they don’t want me breaking the annual budget. Either way, I use the office’s card which is in the name of our beloved financial secretary. And what I really have done is memorized the number so if and when I need it, I have access. They know this.

However, yesterday the card was given to one organizing a meal for a the local high school volleyball team. After the meal, the card was returned to me so I could return it to the secure location in the office.

Today – I couldn’t find the card. OK, Todd. Think. Chinese, Verizon, parking lot, back in the office. I even delivered a welcome basket to our new move-in across the street. All in an hour. If they got it in the basket – they will love us for giving them a credit card. Wohoo – Shopping Spree! It was driving me crazy.

I checked the FJ. Combed through the trash – ick. Rewalked my path. And did to all over again. We didn’t cancel, for we decided to wait till the Chinese restaurant was open to see if it fell out there. One last check.


It has slipped inside one of my journals I had in the FJ but put in the other vehicle and forgot I had switched locations of the journal. My secretary was thrilled. My heart had stopped racing. My day could now begin.

I thought of the parable in Luke 15 where the woman lost a coin. She cleaned and swept and cleaned and swept. WOWZAH – she found it and celebrated. The point is her rejoicing over one lost coin found – compared to rejoicing over one person getting saved – and that’s exciting. One person realizing the importance of eternity.

One person coming to grips with they judgment of sin and how there is no way we can escape on our own – we are Lost – but we have an escape – a rescuer – and when we believe and surrender – we are found – and that is something to rejoice about …

The lost has been found.

Have you?






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