Road Trip 10/18 – Day 3

My only full day in Dallas. No real place to be. Waiting around for my legacy to get off work so we can have a great meal. But I am jumping ahead.

It started off with a. great American breakfast at Starwood Cafe. I love La Madelines when in town but this is close and quite good. The I went shopping for Christmas – yep – even in October. But only a little. From there I went back for a nap – not sure how much sleep I will get once I begin the trek home – so trying to bank some hours early.

Then some more shopping – one of three things Dallas is known for. The other two are traffic and a dead president. The last one is sad – the other one is pathetic. Dallas and traffic – I long for the country roads of home. Texas has them too – but it would be nice to get away from this madness.

Went to Grandscapes area – did more shopping – then I got to walk around with the grandson for a while while my DIL did some work. This.Makes.It.Worth.It!!

From here, we went to Hard Eight BBQ – a top 5 fav of my Dallas eateries.

Take aways …

  • Again, family is so important. I miss my son. I loved the time with all of them. If only Texas was closer to Virginia. I just keep praying for them and for God to be at the center of it all.
  • Shopping is fun. If only it didn’t cost so much.
  • There’s very little that a frown can’t be turned upside down with a little banana pudding. Hard Eight is good food. I pray we have banana pudding in heaven. I am told it wasn’t an apple that Adam and Eve ate – it was a banana. Because it was so a’peal’ing.

Tomorrow – the road trip home begins. 1200 miles with my father in law – I hope he likes me.






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