Road Trip – 10/19 – Day 4

I have left the city. It started early – very early. Couldn’t sleep so got top and went to one of my favorite all time all-night spots – Cafe Brazil. Eight flavors of coffee always ready. Breakfast 24-7. Near SMU so many students studying (or cramming for a late study time). This is one of my favorite times in Dallas – Early morning so hardly any traffic – open roads. Buildings lit up. The city without the crowds. Be it known that 3am is a great coffee and breakfast time.

Drove down to Waxahachie to get Alfred. Waited a bit … it was early. And we headed out by 6.30a.

Missed most of business traffic, but they were out on the streets at that time. Some traffic around Little Rock made us go to a crawl. So we stopped for comfort food at good old Cracker Barrel. There was an elderly lady sitting by herself. She was eavesdropping my interactions with my Father-in-Law and she laughed some. I did a surprise blessing and paid her meal without her knowing. Doing an extra show of grace might be the blessing she needs today.

So Waxahachie – Dallas – Texarkana – Little Rock – Memphis – Nashville and now we stopped the night in Mt. Juliet. We got a suite at Home2Suites – I like this Hilton brand. We tried coupe of hotels but no rooms – and H2S only had two.

The most interesting part of the trip was I was intentional about music I would play – so I went with Sirius FM channel “Willey’s Roadhouse” – classic and vintage country. Now my FIL played guitar and fiddle for some of the best. He toured with Johnny Horton but knew many of that era. He would tell stories of each person that came on the airwaves. And the man knows some really interesting details about almost everyone of them. He met Johnny Cash, sat next to Roy Clark at a funeral as pallbearers, traveled the Louisiana circuit, and even dated one of the stars (pre my Mother in Law of course).

The man should write a tell all.

Day four brings us back home – I long for that – for the arms of my lovely. Today – lots of miles – lots of stories – lots of traffic.






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