Road Trip – 10/20 – Last Day

Betimes, our paths are laid before us by powers greater than our own. In those moments …
it’s our task to make our feet go where our hearts wish not to tread. No matter the perils awaiting us on the way.

The Stranger, Rings of Power

I start where I finish, in more ways than one.

FIRST, the blog on the “Go Get Alfred’ Road Trip … in the beginning and last day give a quote from The Rings of Power. For this quote says so much. There is a power greater than ours, a power that shows us we are not in control. Fate. Mother Nature. I choose to believe that power lies in a person – the Triune Godhead – as revealed to us through the Holy Word. He controls destinies. We are as but water in the palm of his hands. Things happen and our paths often take a turn on which we did not plan, a direction we did not choose, circumstances we do not desire.

Few couples desire more responsibilities, more events and drama and vexation and everything to be added while life finally seems to be getting into a manageable mess. But we have now an elderly father-in-law moving in with us. He is the last of our parents. He deserves our honor and our care. The difficulty of physical limitations due to age, of mental degradation, of a new strong will in our daily mix. But we have. We will. We know the honor is deserved.

SECOND, I have returned home from this 3000 mile circle. Lots of eating out. A few hotels. Sad “See you laters.” Memories of the sweetness of my son, my DIL, my grandson. Phone pictures. But home is the beginning and the end of this stage of the journey. And home is where I am at. It is a delight to know there is a home. And in eternal perspective – it is a greater delight to know there is a home.

THIRD, I left last week right after worshipping with my church family. One of the things I long for now is to worship with them this weekend. May everything we do always bring us back to worship – the heart of everything.

I am back where I started this part of my life journey, but my life journey is not over. May my feet take me where my Lord desires – today – always.






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