10 Ways to Live Radically

Sometimes I jot down points, lists, ideas to kind of squirrel away for later blogs. most the times I make notation of the source, a citation – after all, I’ve been through enough grad and post grad school to know the importance of citations. For a while there’s thought I had Kate Turrabian memorized. I know my wife did. However, I did not write this citation down. I would love to say I came up with the list open my own, and maybe I did – but I doubt it. So, if you came up with these, let me know and I will easily give you the credit that is due.

We often get into our little comfort zones – a tidy (or not so tidy) way of living that helps us be a little more at ease with our lives. We make rules and practices that identify us and help us cope. But is that best? If we look at Biblical practices and the way Jesus lived, we find someone who didn’t live within the norms of society. His way was radical. An upside way of seeing things (compared to the way man sees them) and an upside way of live. “Blessed or the Meek”? Nope, not the way society lives. “Bless your enemies”? Ouch.

So here is a list I discovered (invented? adapted?) that challenges us in ten ways to live outside the line.

10 points to living outside the line …

1-be like Jesus, hang with sinners … hey, it’s not about image, it’s about people
2-form genuine relationships, don’t treat them like projects
3-actions speak louder than words
4-when talking about philosophy and religion, listen more and ask more questions
5-don’t give unsolicited advice or judgement, support people … wait for them to ask for your input if they want it
6-appreciation of nominal Christians too … we are all growing and on a different place in the journey
7-don’t try to force others into Christian participation … let God move them
8-understand atheistic way of thinking and embrace opportunities confrontational atheists afford you … show love, even if not appreciated
9-respect other religions even as you evangelize their members …
10-love your enemies, not just their tribe

These are pretty outside the lines – a radical way of living. But what a ride it’ll be if you live this way. The world may not understand, but all the more reason to show the love of Jesus!

In the words of The ChosenGet used to different.





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