Oh, You’re “What’s Your Name?”

Have you ever looked like this Grumpy Cat? Given that look to people when they call you the wrong name, or just stutter, or mumble trying to get through the awkward moment? For me – I really don’t give this look, but I do receive it a lot …. I mean A LOT!

There is something wrong with my brain. I mean it. I can remember things, stupid facts that I read in middle school DEAR time (drop everything and read), or directions to get to an obscure store, or the lines from Bugs Bunny cartoons … but names elude me. The “Say it seven times” rule doesn’t seem to work. Name tags? Waste of paper.

Oh, I remember faces, people, places, even some phone numbers from college … but names? Oh how they vex me.

This could be dangerous. In the early years of my marriage, I called my wife by an old girlfriend’s name several times. I am surprised I wasn’t smothered when I slept.

There was a funeral service that I did for a friend, whose name was Hazel. Her bestie was Helen. They were always around each other. We used to joke how I could never get the names straight. Well, at Hazel’s funeral, I stood by the coffin and said, “Helen isn’t in here.” Before I could continue, the real Helen commented from nearby and said, “I’m over here, not there yet.”


Well, the brain lock hit again. Last week, I was doing a wedding for a lovely couple. I knew the bride’s family but only met the groom at the rehearsal the night before. I was intentional to write his name repeatedly in my notes, but my brain has a different agenda. So at the vows, instead of Andrew, I said Anthony … several times. I had it right earlier, it was right in my notes, but my brain … it has mind of it’d own.

Gracefully, the groom said, ” I don’t who Anthony is, but I do!”

Idiot – Dummy – Maroon. What’s wrong with me?

I’ll get over it. The couple is married. Now she can call him Anthony when she’s mad. But my spirit really feels bad, deep inside I know I should remember names better, but I’m broken.

As I ponder my own shortcomings, my lack of memory, and especially the way I probably make people feel … I return to the comfort of knowing that in the big picture, I have a Savior that loves me, knows me, and never forgets my name. And with billions and billions of people (past, present and future) … He knows them too.

Here is something very important – He knows you too! He knows the number of hairs on your head. This is comforting, and scary, but comforting. You will mess up – He knows you.Forget Him at times? – He never forget yours. I may forget you – He never will.

So the take away – I have a Savior who knows me, loves me, and never forgets me – and you can say that too.





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