What Does An Alternator Do Anyway?

So last week, the week of lessons in my life, was on where my car broke down – again. I had just dropped my wife off at work and headed to breakfast. The radio started skipping. The dash lights went off and on. And next – the battery and ABS lights came on. 

I pulled into Chik-fil-A and thought I’d take care of it after breakfast, but then I was told by the experts (Google) that it was the alternator. Come on. I just fixed injectors, replaced battery, had the cables replaced. An alternator?  What does an alternator do anyway?

So back to the experts.

Among the components that provide support to the initial functionality of a vehicle, a car’s alternator is one of the most important … it provides the vehicle with the ability to move … working in sync with other components, it provides power … AND … If the alternator stops operating as intended, a car’s battery will begin depleting as the vehicle is driven – causing the car to shut down once the battery has run out of charge. (drivesmart.com)

Okay – I better not wait. Back to old APX – but I didn’t make it. Barely 5 miles before it rolled to a stop at the Shell next to the Falwell Airport.

After being towed later that day – worked on by my faithful mechanic and trusty friend – and paid for … I got the 4Runner back. May mechanic is running out of things to fix.

So, just one part went bad – one part was faulty. And because of this, the car lost power.

I started to ponder about the Christian life. We are told … I am able to do all things  …

No. That’s not what it says. It says … I am able to do all things in Him who empowers me.

He empowers me! That means I need to stay connected to Him and stay connected to His power. How?

In Watchman Nee’s study on Ephesians, he puts forth the three fold principle of Sit-Walk-Stand.

Sit—Know and stay in the Word … This is our position in Christ
Walk—Walk in love and in Christ … Our practice in the world
Stand—Stand firm, don’t back down and don’t quit … Our position toward the Enemy

By staying connected and keeping the connections in their proper function, we will have power from on high.

They say a car’s alternator won’t last ten years – God’s power is forever. That’s power.






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