First Frost ’22

The leaves haven’t all changed colors. The days still hit the 70s. It’s still autumn. The sun is expected to be shining. Yet …

The first frost

At least it’s the first I remember for this season. So, I walk out into the cold morning air, I hear the crunch under my feet, and I make the long trek to my office – about 87 yards. But I do text my lovely bride so she can be ready. She does drive to the university for her vocation. She will get to use the heater in the new Subaru – try out the seat warmers to keep her cute cheeks toasty – and see the snowflake light on the dashboard (indicating conditions are suitable for possible ice on the road.) Now I don’t think the snowflake is right – it’s cold but it’ll be okay.

I am not ready for the weather to turn. I want some more sunny, cool days to hit the trails, to enjoy outside without weather impeding. Someone said their weather app indicated icy mix this coming weekend.

I get it – some of you are thinking I am whining for you face cold a lot. Others just laugh for you are enjoying sunny Florida and all her beauty. But I don’t care – it’s cold.

However – we all face seasons of change. We all have to go through good days and bad days. Election Day last week, it may have made you feel sunny and warm … or … cold and dreary. But, the election is over (albeit we still await some counts) and life goes on. Seasons come and seasons go.

This winter may be a tough one. I showed my father-in-law pics of last winter here and he is thinking Texas may have been a better place for these coming winter months.

So, First Frost. Signs the season is changing. I’m going to be okay. Winter will get here. Life will get cold and hard at times. But the spring and summer are that much closer too.

For now, I will wear sweaters and use my Carhartt beanie – and do my best to keep my lovely wife’s tooshy toasty. That’s my job!

Spring is coming. Have a blessed day – no matter the weather.






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