Shock & Awe at Christmas

Four Days ’till Christmas weekend – and it is a weekend this year – so cool. Is your shopping done? Are they wrapped, under the tree, ready to be given out? let me say it again – Four Days!!!

Getting caught off guard is kind of the Christmas tradition. You forget one gift. You leave the food plate of cookies at home. You forgot that one person in the office. You forget your lines in the Christmas play. (these I have all done – Bah Humbug)

But before you, for it is not all about you in spite of what you think, before you there were lots of people being caught off guard.

  • Mary and the Angel’s message – a kid, me? how? what will I tell Joseph?
  • Joseph – pregnant? really? still a virgin? how does that work exactly?
  • Inn Keeper – all out of rooms, even for the preggo. Not cool!
  • Shepherds – the angelic messengers in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. All to tell us a baby was born.
  • The Magi – look at that unusual star, wonder what that is all about
  • Herod – another king, I don’t think so … kill them all
  • the town of Bethlehem – soldiers, visitors, mayhem

YEP – shock and suddenness goes back to the first CHRISTMAS.

Do not be caught off guard in your praise – don’t wait till 12/25 to say thank you, praise you, glory to you Oh Lord. Let’s start today – now – and always!






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