God Loves

The following is from Max Lucado’s words about his book “316” …

For God so loved the world …

For God so loved the world …

Imagine there was a love that never faded, never wavered, never died.

Now imagine that love was for YOU.

In one of the most famous verses of the Bible, we find a twenty-six-word promise of hope, promise of life, promise of love.

It is brief enough to write on a napkin

short enough to memorize in a few minutes

yet powerful enough to last two thousand years

if you know nothing of the Bible – start here.

if you know everything of the Bible – return here.

For God so loved the world …

In this world, God placed man into a creation with His desire to be known by us, to be loved by us, and offer a life abundant and remarkable.

Yet, we resist and rebel from His way

We sin and spurn His love

We blow it and fall short

But He never gives up.  Where we had no way – He provides a way – a way of forgiveness from our sin  – a way of love – a love that is seen … in the cross

We can’t earn it, deserve it, buy it, or trade for it.  It is a free gift.  Al we have to do is believe


believe He rose from the dead

believe He is Lord


For God so loved the world

the world, you


that He gave His only begotten Son


His name is Jesus

That whosever

any  …  all   ….  from anywhere  ….  from here

shall believe in Him shall not perish

never perish

never separated from His love

but have eternal life

Do you believe?






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