Christmas Eve – Eve

Tomorrow is the start of Christmas Weekend – it’ll be another 10 years before we have the Saturday/Sunday combo for Christmas occur again.

And as I write this, I ponder the question – What does Christmas mean to you?

I love giving gifts – I mean I am pretty good at thinking it through. Sometimes I am not so good at the gifts (like too small, wrong color, what was I thinking type of gifts) but I m good at giving them. I order ahead of time – like April ahead of time. I am already planning next year’s lights and tree placements and the such. I’ve got some new items already purchased.

Back to topic – What does Christmas mean to you?

This is a serious question. I read this week that a a Christmas filled with excitement and sentiment … but not filled with Christ … is a yellow brink road to darkness. The heart of Christmas is Hope – Peace – Joy – Love. The Heart of Christmas is Jesus.

What have you done this season to make sure Jesus stays at the heart of your Christmas? Was it enough?

Tomorrow (at writing) is Christmas Eve – if you’re breathing, its never too late to make sure He is the heart of every season in your life.






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