Take a Hike Kid – You Were Left Behind cm#8of10

I was left behind. I am not sure who was to blame – and it doesn’t matter – for I was left behind. So I hiked it … and I was only 9 years old.

Over the next several posts (or so) I will share ten childhood memories
and lessons I glean for today. 

I was left behind. I am not sure who was to blame – and it doesn’t matter – for I was left behind. So I hiked it … and I was only 9 years old.

The details are sketchy. I remember it was after school and for some reason I was left behind. Which is kind of weird for my mother’s office was just across the street. After school and I missed the bus, I stayed late, and I was alone. All alone ….. all alone.

I walked around the school. My mother was gone. I looked on the playground. My siblings were no where to be found. I trekked to the end of the school’s driveway, looked right, looked left. I tried to remember which way it was to get home – so off I walked.

A young 9 year old – on his own – walking the asphalt of Harpersville Rd. As I look back, I guess this was my first hike. I walked east and headed to our little abode called home. To be honest, I was not sure which way was home. And even today, I would not know which way would take to the house which we used to call home.

I walked. Imagine if this was today. No way it would happen. The school would have better security. Parents would be held to a higher accountable level. Somebody would’ve called 911 if they saw a child walking alone. (Those are the safe consequences, but there are also some bad ones too!)

I got about a mile and a half and started to be a little concerned. I walked into a small convenience store and asked if I could use the phone. Wow – a nine year old remembered his home phone number but not the address. I was always better with numbers than addresses.

He got my parents and they came and got me. I am not sure mu punishment. I am not sure of any consequences. But I am sure I didn’t walk home again.

This childhood memory is of me being stupid. And though I never headed out on my own as a kid anymore – I have plenty of times done something stupid. And I have to guess – you have too.

What are the lessons here …

  • Realize we all make mistakes
  • Apologize when you realize you made a mistake
  • Learn from the mistake and don’t do it again
  • Laugh at yourself
  • Write about in blog years later so others can laugh too





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