Closed Blue Ridge Parkway – Redirected

Closed Parkway

It was a lovely day. The sky was clear and the air was cold. So I decided to head to the mountains. 

We have a houseguest. He has fallen oil love with the trees and countryside of Virginia. I get it. It’s nothing like the concrete and crowded urban area of south Dallas. It’s a piece of nature still in much of its rawness. Oh, we have lots of roads, houses, development, but there is also lots of farmland, National Park and Forest land.

So we headed to the Blue Ridge Mountains, with the intent to hit the Blue Ridge Parkway. Our houseguest should love the scenery, the views, and the wonderful picturesque bit of God’s creation.

We passed through Big Springs, crossing over the James River, and hitting the Blue Ridge Parkway right around Otter Run. We headed south hoping to hit Peaks of Otter. But within a few miles, the BRP had a barricade and we had to turn around. Now we were headed north. Traversing back over the James River, we headed towards the northern stretch of the BRP. Yet, it wasn’t long before we hit another barricade. Thus we turned around again and headed back over the James River – wow, we saw the James a lot on this trip.

I wasn’t sure what was going on. The NPS website did not show these closures. I deduced it was probably trees down blocking the path or mud slides covering the road. But I may never know.

We headed back around the highways and put our direction towards Glasgow – not the European city, but the tiny little community just outside of Natural Bridge State Park. Natural Bridge is a beautiful little spot – rich in history, unique in its rock formation, and beautiful in setting. For the first time, we were able to drive to the lower park office (our guest would never make the 100 plus stairs.) 

This site is always breath taking. 

It wasn’t our intention to go to Natural Bridge, but the obstructions on the Parkway brought us to this place.

Life is often like this. Road blocks. Detours. Hazards. Closed pathways. Zero openings to proceed.

We could’ve turned around, and nobody would think twice about it. After all, these closures were not our doing. But we did not turn around.  And we were blessed for being one to the alternative.

  • Sometimes, God closes a door that prevents us from harm – He protects us.
  • Sometimes, God closes a door to test our faith, build patience and endurance – He teaches us trust
  • Sometimes, God closes a door to redirect our walk – He takes us to what and where He desires for He knows what is best.
  • Sometimes, God closes doors to buy us time – He prepares us for when we will be ready for that path. 

Remember this …

  • His TIMING is everything
  • Our TRUSTING is essential

In the end, the Natural Bridge experience was even more breathtaking than a simple cruise across the BRP would have been. I will not be upset at the detour, I will be satisfied in the door God did open.

If God closes a door, will you be okay? Will you trust Him?





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