Birthdays – When Do They End?

Birthdays – When Do They End?

When I am writing this, it is my wife’s birthday. Wohoo! She is —— … Nevermind, I prefer a house that doesn’t have my wife mad at me. Let’s just say, she is significantly younger than me.

When do they really stop making a big deal about birthdays? Shortly, we will be celebrating our grandson’s first birthday. That’s a very significant birthday – but not for him, I mean, he is one. One year olds don’t understand birthdays. Oh, we will get him presents. Or more specifically, we will get his parents presents to keep our grandson entertained. It helps that our daughter-in-law’s (DIL) birthday is right around the same time.

So, two people (grandson & grandma) both celebrating birthdays. One doesn’t have a clue – but it will be a big deal …. The other doesn’t really care but will get hundreds of FB posts, tags, card, and well wishes.

Which brings me to my dilemma. Which should a make a bigger deal out of? (Yes, I dangled my participle.) 

I will spend more on the one year old. Yet, I will give more attention to my bride. But I think the best way to make everyone happy is to send my wife to Texas to spend the actual birthday with our grandson. That way – the one year gets to see Bubbe. And my wife gets to see the only other man to whom I will let her give attention without me becoming jealous. 

It’s a win-win scenario.  ((Yet, with prices of plane tickets, I guess I am spending more on her))

So why is this a topic on MuddyShoes? Because birthdays get muddy. Searching for the right gift. Not getting a party. Forgetting birthdays. Getting the wrong gifts. Remembering a birthday when the person wishes you would forget. Planning parties. Not getting a party. Wait, I said that already. Well, maybe it’s a bit personal. I went five decades without one. But that’s okay. Really. No big deal. I don’t hold a grudge. I am over it.

Me thinks I doth protest too much.

Honestly, I am okay with it. But I did ponder, how should we react when we get disappointed? Normally, my philosophy and advise is to suck it up, get over it, move on.

1 – Be realistic, realize that life happens and set your mind on the understanding that disappointments can happen. Don’t get all Eeyore – all nihilistic. Just be realistic.

2 – Give the disappointment the Lord. Cast you cares on Him, He cares for you.

3 – Remember He is a Great that has gone through disappointment (betrayal, sorrow, abandoned). And He is the Great High Priest that forever has your back (Hebrews 7.)

4 – Humble yourself, knowing you don’t know the big picture, He does. So trusting Him is like saying, “God, I don’t see the big picture, only one little piece, but I trust You.”

5 – Have hope. Remember this is temporary that yields to the eternal.

So Birthdays? No biggie. We’ve got eternity.





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