Lying to the Boys in Blue – childhoodmemory #9of10

Rebel. Criminal. Going against authority. They all applied to me. I lied to the PoPo, the 5-0, the Boys in Blue … and I got away with it.

Over the next several posts (or so) I will share ten childhood memories
and lessons I glean for today. 

Rebel. Criminal. Going against authority. They all applied to me. I lied to the PoPo, the 5-0, the Boys in Blue … and I got away with it.

Now I am not trying to make little of those who have had an emotional, maybe even scary, moment in an interaction with the police. I know today, there are some moments that spark lifelong anxieties. This is not an attempt to defend anyone. Not a call top defund anyone. Not a part of anyone’s movement. What this is …. is an honest confession of momentary, childhood stupidity that speaks to who I am and how far I still need to go in my journey.

I was in high school. Tenth grade to be specific, at North Mecklenberg, just north of Charlotte NC. I was injured. Oh the injury wasn’t fresh, not bleeding my life out in front of my own eyes. I had a broken wrist. It was a stupid act while in high school PE class – that required anathema of curricula that most of us nerds try to avoid but just can’t. We were playing soccer in PE – the teacher, the head coach of the varsity football team – had just told us to divide up and play.

Now I loved soccer. Lettered in it. It was a new sport to our school back then, yet I seemed to take to this international phenomena. Being that I was one of the few that had any experience, they picked me to be goalie. So far, so good. But then, this 6’3 – 350 pound defensive line of the varsity football team (yes, he was the whole line, not just a lineman) was on the other team and just hung out around the goal waiting to kick it in – this behemoth did not do the running back and forth. As the ball approached, I ran to it, bent to scoop it up, and then a size 13.5 shoe kick at it at the same time my wrist was there – Snap – Crackle – Pop.

I ran another 100 yards – screaming in pain – but not dropping the ball (hey, there still was a game going on). I did snap it and snapped it bad.

Stay with me … I am getting to the PoPo story.

Weeks go by. I had a cast all the way up to my arm pit. As the weeks rolled on, I had a follow up visit with the doctor. My brother was driving me there and then we heard it. The siren. Barney Fife turned his lights on and was pulling us over. My brother and I looked at each other and a fear of our parents went through both our minds – or at least mine.

We came up with a plan – me, pretend to be in pain, pretend the arm hurts, pretend – lie – hopefully deceive the man. The good part, the bad part … it worked. We didn’t lie completely, we were headed to the doctor. I didn’t lie, it was uncomfortable. But I did stretch the truth – it wasn’t the pain that caused us to break the legal restrictions.

The devil will try to make us feel guilty even when we didn’t do anything wrong. So we need to confess our sins until everything is out in the open and told, and then get dressed in our spiritual armor so we can firmly stand our ground.

What do I say? I was wrong … not my brother – me. What do I do … go back and pay a fine that us for an infraction now way past limitation? Why do I even bring this up?

We are all broken, all looking for the easy out, all seeking justifications for our erring ways. Even today, I still mess up. And so do you.

But as a believer in Jesus, as a follower and a man of faith, I need to remember a few things …

1 – When God gives the gift of forgiveness, it is complete … past, present, future.
2 – Nothing can make God love us any less, nothing can make God love me any more.
3 – But I need to learn from the reminders of my errant ways … A man that falls, and repeats to fall for the same reasons, never learns not to fall. I need to remember my stupid childish ways strive to be an adult – grow up.

What did you do in your past that you need to learn from? To any police I come across now, I strive to respect you, I strive to be honest, I strive to have integrity.

What did you do in your past that you need to learn from?





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