Toxic Nuts (Toxic People)

Cashews can be poisonous. Oh, don’t go throwing away your bag of trail mix just yet. In the raw – true, unprocessed raw – it could contain urushiol. Urushoil will migrate to lymph nodes and eventually cause rash, blisters, and itching. This delightful nut, left unprocessed, is toxic.

It has been a hard week – I have been dealing with a major head cold, sinus congestion, slight on-off again fever, hack, gag, and all the junk that comes with it. What caused it? I’ve been around sick people last week (I blame my secretary!) I went to the hospital to visit some people too. The weather has been damp and cold. There are a lot of factors that could have gotten me here.

My body has aches, I have major unpleasant feelings, and everything is truly messed up because of a little bug. It was like a little poison got inside of me and impacted everything. 

As a leader in an organization that is made up of a lot of people, it often feels like a few people can mess up the whole organization, like a little poison seeps in through toxic attitudes and impacts almost everything. 

Toxic – Poison, Harmful, Malicious, Unpleasant. 

BACK TO THE NUT … Like the cashew – there is hope. The raw cashews are then roasted at high heat, either by steaming them in a large rotating drum or vat of boiling oil to remove urushiol remnants before they can be shelled, thoroughly dried, and peeled. At this point, these cashews are still often labeled as raw, since they’re free of added flavorings. And they are now edible without detriment.


This week, I read an article about 10 types of toxic church members. For a few days over the next week, I will discuss some of these toxic personalities. The sad part, there are times I find myself having some of these personalities.  The good news is – our God is bigger and better – and our God can change the very hearts of anyone.

In the end, it is not about being critical of people – it’s about being a better person and helping each and every one of us be a better person.

Because – in the end – we are all toxic on our own. We are all in need of the work and ministry of the Spirit. 

Return and see how God can work to the uttermost in any of us.

Spoiler hint – #1 – the “Always Cynical” Christian … never seeing the good in anything.

Sound familiar?





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