Shadows of Reality

The battle of M&Ms. The war of small chocolate covered candies. Their shield of hard candy covering has the logo of power, the emblem of courage, the shield of strength, the symbol of sweetness.

They have changed the footwear. They broadened femininity. It wasn’t a woke statement, just an attempt to broaden marking and sell more sweet capsules of goodness. But Twitter went wild and it became part of the wokeness war.

And, then, there is Rootie. A sweet bear that love root beer – especially A&W. Apparently no pants on this cartoon character triggers people.

So, the issue isn’t really M&Ms spokes candies (who have now been put on furlough and forced into early retirement) or a pant-less bear (who now has been forced to wear pants). These are just shadows of a deeper issue – the Wokeness War. A cultural battle of how things should really be. But the debate about wokeness isn’t the issue either. It’s a shadow off of a spiritual warfare – a warfare we are all in. We wrestle not against flesh and blood (Eph 6).

Recently, we explored Hebrews 8 (and we will dig deeper into chapter 9 soon) and were reminded about the Old Testament and the rituals are a shadow of reality in heaven. They are just a copy of the real thing. The old points to the new. The old shows our need for the new. The old reveals, the new ensures. and the guaranteer of the new is Jesus Christ.

On the one hand (the old) … and on the other hand (the new) ……….. soooooo

ONE – 8:10

TWO – 8:10

THREE – 8:11

FOUR – 8:12

So, the shadows are fine, for what they do.
They point to something better.
They point to someone better.
They point to Jesus – the author and finisher of our faith.

So fix your eyes on Him. It’s okay to eat M&Ms, drink a root beer, and enjoy life – but remember this is smoke and shadows of reality. And reality is Jesus.





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