Road Trip 2/23 …. Part 2

Second day of big driving. This time it was from Dallas/Fort Worth going north, way north.

I really wasn’t sure where I would end up. I’m here and still not sure if I’m going to keep going north. I went through Oklahoma. Kind of wild. Saw a coyote, though not chasing a road runner. It was out on the field, just running.

I’ve said ‘field’ twice – but this state, and Kansas, and Nebraska … has lots and lots of fields. Flat, open fields. They have some with cows. They have sone with horses. Some with crops. Some just strange.

One had a tractor up on top of a big pole. Not sure how it got there. In the same field was a dinosaur made of scrap metal. Made it chased the Harvester up the pole. All I know is that farmer has too much free time.

Not actual one I saw but close

Another has an 18-wheeler standing straight up, face down, like he plunged from the sky. Maybe it’s Chinese and a weather balloon dropped him.

There were windmills (turbines) and oil pumps. Showing we can do both. Sometimes, they were in the same field.

A went through Nebraska at night. But that was too bad. I could see beautiful hills and scenery by moonlight . And it was mostly covered in snow.

I bet beautiful.

No real lessons here, just beautiful America. 15 hours on the road. And God’s creation never ceases to amaze me.

I got a late start – for the day started with me spending 2 hours alone with Sammy. Amazed they trust me. Feed. Play. Clean some poopy pants. Play some more. Just seeing the smile. What a way to start a day.

I made him eggs too, along with this yogurt!

Tomorrow, some good stuff – The Badlands. Unless I change my mind and go see Rushmore. We will see.





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