Volleyball for Life

I went to Appomattox High yesterday to cheer on the Raiders Girls' Volleyball team as they compete in the post season tournament. They had an undefeated season and it was impressive to watch these players work as a single unit to overcome the strong challenge by Altavista High. The Raiders lost the first game, won... Continue Reading →

First Impressions … only happen once

What grabs someone’s attention? There are many ways to look at this question. Are we talking about dating? Would it be looks, demeanor, the clothes they wear, hair style, aroma, job, or a hundred other outward qualities? In this swipe left or right world, one has but a few seconds to plant that first impression... Continue Reading →

Tribalism, part 2

So we are in a volatile world. Duhh. So we are divided and fragmented. Duhh. So we have anger that is escalating and some are calling for utter annihilation of “the enemy” (whomever that is today). How did we get here? And more importantly, how do we get out of this “here”? We discussed the... Continue Reading →

Great Humility & Greater Hope. #SBC18

And that’s a wrap. Another convention and all the meetings that go with it, are over. The final gavel has sounded, the exhibition hall is being broken down, final orders of brisket are being placed, bags are being packed, and one final visit to Babes is planned. Next stop for many, DFW to head home.... Continue Reading →

#SBCAM18 and #SBC18

I registered for the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting 2018 today. Not as a messenger, those spots were spoken for. But I now am an invited guest of the pastor of my home church in Virginia - thank you Friendship. I am not sure how many sessions of the Pastor’s Conference and the Annual Meeting... Continue Reading →

My Motivation – The Bottom Line

One last day on motivation. Yet there is so much to say. So let me share from a thesis written at Liberty University on the ‘Biblical Use of Rewards as a Motivation for Christian Service.” (See full thesis here) Having worked in church for quite a while now, I have often heard of the 20-80%... Continue Reading →

Motivate Me – What’s It Going to Take?

Fran Tarkenton - ‘People don’t change their behavior unless it makes a difference for them to do so.’ Motivation - Last week, we looked at the fact people are being watched. The discussion was based on a work situation of a potential secret evaluator coming to the hotel property. They never came. But something interesting... Continue Reading →

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