#SBCAM18 and #SBC18

I registered for the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting 2018 today. Not as a messenger, those spots were spoken for. But I now am an invited guest of the pastor of my home church in Virginia – thank you Friendship. I am not sure how many sessions of the Pastor’s Conference and the Annual Meeting I will be able to attend – but it is in Dallas and I want to take every opportunity I can to hear great music, some of the best speakers, and hear what the SBC is doing – we are an instrument of the Lord.

The theme this year is TESTIFY: Go – Stand – Speak. This is powerful – have you thought about the fact that we are always testifying – but the question is of what or whom does our life really testify? Do we point people to Jesus? Do we live in trust and know that He is faithful? Do we speak the Words of life? Edifying those around us? Do people know what we stand for (not just what we stand against)? We go and stand and speak … for life, hope, grace, joy, and forgiveness. We go and stand and speak … for Jesus.

The theme this year is TESTIFY: Go – Stand – Speak

Now, unfortunately, too much press, too many blogs, and too many tweets have been spent on the problems we are facing and not on the solution – repentance, humility, kindness, and grace. I will not go into the issues (just look at https://sbcvoices.com for that) – but I will say this. If you are interested in Southern Baptists and her future, here are some things you can do …

— Pray. Pray for wisdom, for humility, and for unity. Pray for the meeting, those attending, those on the agenda, and for God to be glorified.
— Be informed. Read the Baptist Press, the SBC.net website, and follow them on Twitter (look for #SBC18 or #SBCAM18)
— Watch. If you can not be here, go to http://www.sbcannualmeeting.net/sbc18/program and watch it.
— Have your Pastor give a report to the church.
— Pray. Okay, I said this before – but just do it again.

If your church gives to the Cooperative Program (and I hope it does), you are invested in the outcome of this meeting.

AND BIGGIE — pray and get involved in Crossover Dallas. This is the service and evangelistic efforts by thousands as they arrive in Dallas early to permeate the community. This year, the big effort is at AT&T Cowboy Stadium for Harvest America. Tens of thousands will be impacted.

Check out the home page here.

May God be glorified and may Him of whom we testify be seen and heard clearly by those around us.







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