Volleyball for Life


I went to Appomattox High yesterday to cheer on the Raiders Girls’ Volleyball team as they compete in the post season tournament. They had an undefeated season and it was impressive to watch these players work as a single unit to overcome the strong challenge by Altavista High. The Raiders lost the first game, won solidly in game 2 and 3. But game 4 was a squeaker. They yielded a 8 point lead to let it tie up at 24. They held strong and took game 4 and advance in the competition.
I remember the days of cheering my son in his high school volleyball team … and I saw similar faces of pride of parents in their kids and grandkids. High school isn’t the intense V-Ball you see in the Olympics or even in upper level college play – but it was just as fun.
And like many youth sports, it teaches some great life lessons. Here are four I want to pass on …
There is great power and a great feeling in being a part of a team.
Maybe it’s that we were created for relationships. Maybe it’s we are at our best when we know others have our back. Or maybe we just don’t want to battle life all by ourself – a team, a group, a family is a great thing to be a part of.
You can only control your side of the court.
No matter how much you try, there are always things outside of our control. So, work hard at what you can, trust the Lord, and don’t be anxious about any thing else. Leave it prayer and Him.
We need to remember to be humble.
Nobody likes an obnoxious winner. And we all need to take defeats with grace. I get it, winning feels good, pumps us up, and even helps our confidence – especially like those victories the Raiders had in game 4 – close and exciting. So, treat the opponents with respect and never rub it in.
It teaches many qualities, the best is character.
Sports teaches us competitiveness, confidence, being coachable, commitment, and communication – but hopefully, mostly character. This can be seen in the first three points, as well as sportsmanship and ethics.

These four points can help in all our life’s efforts. These girls are doing more than just competing in a volleyball game – they are being trained for life. Thanks coaches, schools, and parents. Thanks.

till tomorrow – todd






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