Shout It to the Heavens

Washington DC. RFK Stadium. 50,000 men. Preaching by greats like EV Hill and more. Gathered for one reason. To worship God. When the singing began, the stadium rocked and vibrated. Now I am sure it did that for the football teams that played there back then. I mean, I root for the Redskins quite often,... Continue Reading →

Weeds of Bitterness, Fruit of Forgiveness

Forgiveness and the Root of Bitterness ... Years ago, while on my hands and knees weeding a flower garden at Friendship Baptist, Jim Reese politely and humorously gave me weeding advice. Yeah, not the best at flower gardening ... but I did appreciate his advice. I think the chairman of deacons enjoyed way too much... Continue Reading →

A Rescue to Remember

They’ve all been rescued. 12 teens and their assistant coach. Heroic actions by Thai seal divers, including one diver who gave his life in the process. Drama, suspense, peril - - all while the world watches. Unless you’ve been in solitary confinement, you know to what I am referring. And I, along with millions, wept,... Continue Reading →

Tribalism, part 2

So we are in a volatile world. Duhh. So we are divided and fragmented. Duhh. So we have anger that is escalating and some are calling for utter annihilation of “the enemy” (whomever that is today). How did we get here? And more importantly, how do we get out of this “here”? We discussed the... Continue Reading →

Tribalism in an Age of Outrage

Will return to the all-mysterious Winnie the Pooh in a day or so. But today and tomorrow, I want to focus on tribalism. Tribalism ... one author calls the tribal spirit the common demonic zeitgeist of our time. That’s pretty deep. But what is it in terms for people who are more likely to read... Continue Reading →

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