Shout It to the Heavens

Washington DC. RFK Stadium. 50,000 men. Preaching by greats like EV Hill and more. Gathered for one reason. To worship God. When the singing began, the stadium rocked and vibrated. Now I am sure it did that for the football teams that played there back then. I mean, I root for the Redskins quite often,… Continue reading Shout It to the Heavens

Disciplines …. Habits of Grace … Means of Joy

I rarely talk about a book before I’ve read the entirety, but recently I was drawn to the cover of a new book by David Mathis. Mathis is a pastor and an executive at The book - Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus Through the Spiritual Disciplines. Grace is very important to me, (See previous… Continue reading Disciplines …. Habits of Grace … Means of Joy

Grace, Have Mercy … thoughts from Me & David Jeremiah

His story is one of rebellion and forgiveness - a sinner most of us would discount, a preacher reached by the amazing grace of God - a human trafficker that became the one who pinned one of the greatest hymns of all times. I am referring to John Newton, the slave merchant reached by God’s… Continue reading Grace, Have Mercy … thoughts from Me & David Jeremiah

Grace … TD Jakes on Grace in the Workplace

I googled ‘grace in action’ and ‘picture of grace’ and a few other searches in an attempt to have a visual illustration of what grace looks like in real life. I mean, if we are challenged to show grace then I was curious how the world thought it would look like. What I got was… Continue reading Grace … TD Jakes on Grace in the Workplace

Grace … Get it, Share it, Appreciate it

I met a guy this weekend. A young man that understands grace in a way that I never really will. Scripture tells us that the one forgiven much - loves much. Now don’t get me wrong, I know I am a sinner and I know I don’t deserve His grace ... but I also know… Continue reading Grace … Get it, Share it, Appreciate it

Weeds of Bitterness, Fruit of Forgiveness

Forgiveness and the Root of Bitterness ... Years ago, while on my hands and knees weeding a flower garden at Friendship Baptist, Jim Reese politely and humorously gave me weeding advice. Yeah, not the best at flower gardening ... but I did appreciate his advice. I think the chairman of deacons enjoyed way too much… Continue reading Weeds of Bitterness, Fruit of Forgiveness