Disciplines …. Habits of Grace … Means of Joy

I rarely talk about a book before I’ve read the entirety, but recently I was drawn to the cover of a new book by David Mathis. Mathis is a pastor and an executive at desiringgod.org. The book – Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus Through the Spiritual Disciplines. Grace is very important to me, (See previous blogs) and to connect grace to the disciplines was definitely something I want to dig into. There is a lot to unpack … just in the title.

Habits … not a check list, not duties, but a lifestyle, a way of living.

Grace … we are honored and humbled to be able to do these habits that allow us, so undeservedly, to spend time with our Lord.

Enjoying Jesus … not duty, not dreary, not burdensome, but joy, true joy from the asking of kings and God of, well, everything.

Through … this joy, this awesomeness comes from living with this lifestyle.

Spiritual Disciplines … this is the method with which we spend time with God, this is means in which the joy comes, this is the lifestyle that is Biblically based, God honoring, and joy providing.

I want more of this, more joy in this crazy, messy world.

Mathis breaks the disciplines down into three categories … Hear His voice (getting into the Word), have His ear (prayer), and belong to His body (fellowship).

Now think about this, it is about our relationship and communication with Him … hear, talk, belong … to His Word, His eat, and His body.

So simply I ask three questions …

1) Are you spending time in His Word listening to what He wants us to know?

2) Are you spending time praying, sharing your hurts, failures, praises, fears to the One who really loves and knows you?

3) Are you spending time with the family in worship, fellowship, and sharpening each other as iron sharpens iron?

Hear His voice (getting into the Word), have His ear (prayer), and belong to His body (fellowship)

One more question. Do you have the Joy of Jesus in you? If not, then look at your answers to the first three question and you may know why.

Mathis closes his preface by saying he hopes we discover a life of simplicity, stability, confidence, power, and a means for joy.

I want that life, and I hope you do to.

Postscript. I was able to download Mathis book in ebook form here. Check it out.






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