Grace … TD Jakes on Grace in the Workplace

I googled ‘grace in action’ and ‘picture of grace’ and a few other searches in an attempt to have a visual illustration of what grace looks like in real life. I mean, if we are challenged to show grace then I was curious how the world thought it would look like. What I got was hundreds of Pinterest pins of scripture art, the word ‘grace’ shown artistically, and cute sayings. But I did not get any visual snapshots of examples of grace.

It’s easy to talk about in the abstract, but what does it look like in the concrete, where the rubber meets the road, having the walk match the talk, the … you get the point.

Fortunately, I got better results when I looked for articles. And I came across this gem by TD Jakes on grace in the workplace. Now that’s more like it. Jakes gave 5 good things you could practice, or adapt a bit, and put into your ministry in your workplace. Let me share …

1. Don’t take bad moods personally – We all have bad days or get in a blue mood. So don’t get defensive, snap back at others, or even respond to a bad mood. Just keep smiling, show patience, and take the high road. There will be a day you will be in that lousy mood, pray they show grace to you as well.

2. Offer to help – if you see someone overwhelmed, frenzied, or just having some bad circumstances roll there way … then get involved and offer to help. Their car in the shop? Offer a ride. A deadline looming? Chip in. They are busy and coffee cup is empty? Do a run to the break room, or even Starbucks. And surprise them with a cookie too … or a cake pop. Everyone smiles when they get a cake pop!

3. Reach out to new employees – a new job is stressful and often lonely. Take them to lunch, offer to answer questions, show them the ropes (go beyond what HR should be doing) … show them they are part of the team.

4. Don’t gossip – okay, this is more about not doing something, but we should be part of the integrity of the workplace. Maybe even kindly ask gossipers to stop. No one like people to talk behind their back. So do not be a part of it.

5. Bring in treats – maybe this is a bit like bribery, a bit like grace. Put candy/mints on your desk. Love to bake? Use it. Have a fav place to get sweets? Share from it. I once took Sprinkles cupcakes in for the shift before mine.

You know, these work for a church setting as well. Generosity and helpfulness are ways to show grace. So this week, show some grace. It will change relationships, and it will change you!

So show some grace at work this week. You’ll be glad you did, and so will others.

Till next time … live and love in grace


See Jakes article here






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