Monday Minute (and a half) … a quick thought on style

Have you ever looked at a friend’s outfit and said, “I need to get that shirt!” (Or shoes, or whatever.) Or maybe it’s just because you saw that actor/actress wear one like it. You want it bad now. Or you sit down at a local eating establishment and when you see what the peeps at… Continue reading Monday Minute (and a half) … a quick thought on style

My Kind of Eulogy

Have you ever wondered what they’ll say at your funeral? For me, I want levity, laughter, and a little musical jam session. Talk about my passions, my love for Lisa, my legacy in my son, my weird sense of humor and how this life was just a warmup for eternity in heaven. No tears. No… Continue reading My Kind of Eulogy

Be a Person of Influence

Teachers. Sports figures. Politicians. Celebrities. Reality stars. Parents. These are people who influence our society. They invest in an art, an occupation, or are in a life situation that has impact on the lives of individuals ... and sometimes, millions. This year, Time magazine named 16 year old Greta Thunberg as its Person of the… Continue reading Be a Person of Influence

Instead of Getting Drunk

It is interesting. I used to serve drinks as a bartender for a catering business during my college days. I was unsure of my story’s direction, searching for purpose, and drifting between a half dozen colleges and degree plans. After I surrendered to the call of vocational ministry, I stopped working with the catering biz… Continue reading Instead of Getting Drunk

Typos Tackled, Trees Toppled, and Traditions Trimmed

Today we are looking at influences in our lives - the impact other things have on who we are and how we journey through life. What kind of influence are you on others? What are you letting influence you on your journey? I want to share three things in my life. First is the Typos… Continue reading Typos Tackled, Trees Toppled, and Traditions Trimmed