Typos Tackled, Trees Toppled, and Traditions Trimmed

Today we are looking at influences in our lives – the impact other things have on who we are and how we journey through life. What kind of influence are you on others? What are you letting influence you on your journey?

I want to share three things in my life. First is the Typos Tackled. For those that read my blog pretty quick out of the bon, you may notice there are a few typos (there are no typos in my head, only coming from my fingers.) I could say I leave them there so those that are so obsessed with finding typos will not be disappointed. But the real reason is I just need to be better at proofing my work. I am not the best typist, but fortunately I now someone who is – I married her. So every so often, Lisa reads my work and will point out where I fell short of perfection (her specialty). So, thanks to her and her influence, my brilliant writings now be better. As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. (look it up, it is in Proverbs)

Second influence this week, the wind. In the past couple of days, Frisco has been hit hard with thunderstorms and wind gusts up in to the 50s mph. The wind howls at night, whips down the corridors of the apartments, and has toppled a few of the trees in the subdivision. The wind has gone, but some of the effects remain. I can look back over my life and realize that many people have influenced me; and though they may no longer be around me, their influence remains. My family, friends in school, my youth pastors, professors with whom I served, friends from each church I served, and coworkers. People cross our path every day – some have more influence than others. And your influence on others also varies. So the question is what kind of influence are you? Be the type that impacts others even after you are no longer around them.

And the last influence – traditions trimmed. This may not be what you are thinking. I am referring to my beard. I started a second job this week and they require no beard. I had to shave my goatee. I looked in my FB photo albums, and the most recent one I had with me showing my manly cleft chin was when Calvin was still in diapers – over 24 years ago. 24 years. Part of me is missing. It is weird. The type of influence here is the norms put on us by society – work, school, style expectations, or more. We know there will be influence from society, but the point is to be selective in what you allow. I did not have to take this job. But it is a strong Christian company where I might be a good influence on others as well. So it was my choice to take the job and trim my facial hair. (If you see me, please do not stare at my chin – still a little self conscious.)

Influence – we all have it happen to us – and we all have the opportunity to have on others. Make the best of it. Live for Christ and let Him influence others through you.

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About Todd K Estes

In this journey called Life, it gets a bit muddy - But Jesus sees beyond the mud and sees the person He created, the person He loves, and the person He is still working on. I am one of those persons - and so are you. I am a sold-out follower of Jesus, husband way out of my league, father to a great son, part of the family of God, and pastor of a great church family - Evergreen Baptist in Appomattox.

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