Monday Minute (and a half) … a quick thought on style

Have you ever looked at a friend’s outfit and said, “I need to get that shirt!” (Or shoes, or whatever.) Or maybe it’s just because you saw that actor/actress wear one like it. You want it bad now.

Or you sit down at a local eating establishment and when you see what the peeps at the next table are eating, you order that because it looks so good.

Or, more likely, you watch a commercial for Chick-fil-A so you immediately order your chicken nuggets by grub-hub or door dash (God forbid you get up and go get it yourselves, there’s a virus out there!)

Makes me think of The classic animation The Jungle Book, when they are singing I Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song.)

Influenced by others. It is a real thing. A thirst for something, food-clothes-lifestyle-dance moves, has been created by someone else – directly or indirectly. The Monday Minute challenge is … what type of thirst are you creating in others? What is it about you that they want to know a little more about? Is it your shoes, your diet, your exercise routine, your lifestyle? Is there anything about you that others are craving to have in your life?

Let this quote by Greg Laurie challenge you in this Monday Minute (and a half) …

The greatest compliment that can be paid to a Christian is when a nonbeliever says, “What is it about you? I admire you. I want to know what makes you tick.” You’ve done your job, Christian, because you’ve created a spiritual thirst in another. … Greg Laurie





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