All for One, One for All … Part 3 of 6

IT’S A DIRTY JOB — BUT SOMEONE HAS GOT TO DO IT. The lesson, some people are willing to serve ... even in areas unappealing. Many yucky pics could’ve been shown. This was mild. There is a TV show on the Discovery Channel called Dirty Jobs. In it, Mike Rowe explores those nasty, disgusting, dangerous,… Continue reading All for One, One for All … Part 3 of 6

All for One, One for All … Part 1 of 6

The Three Musketeers. A novel filled with love, intrigue, betrayal, sword fights, espionage, and great ambitions. What more could one all for. And we thought our current politics was brutal. It’s been awhile since politicians settled conflict by duel (think Hamilton, people.) There is a scene in one of the theatrical versions where they are… Continue reading All for One, One for All … Part 1 of 6

Prayers of the Broken Hearted

Before Nehemiah prayed about rebuilding the broken walls, he first prayed for a healing of the broken people - including himself. Are you more concerned about the “nation” or about the people? About events or about lives? Is the burden in your prayers more about the church building and numbers or about the individuals and… Continue reading Prayers of the Broken Hearted

Two Minute Tuesday – A Simple Challenge

The city was in chaos. The people had no real leadership. Confusion and brokenness and they had forgotten God and we’re living in shame. This is how they described Jerusalem to Nehemiah. He didn’t complain. He didn’t whine and act all superior. He didn’t get on a high horse and post on Facebook or Twitter.… Continue reading Two Minute Tuesday – A Simple Challenge