Sermon Snippets

It’s the last day of my four day sabbatical. For today, I am just giving the pics from the sermon “Five Takeaways from Nehemiah.” Have a great weekend. Vision - Prayer - Work with Obstacles - Worship - Holiness

All for One … Part 5 of 6

I hated group projects in college. Being the grade conscious control freak I sometimes was, I often ended up doing extra work outside of my assigned area to cover for that one guy who just sluffed it off. It was like they just didn’t care about the grades. And just like that, my inner Hermione... Continue Reading →

Listen for the Trumpet

“The work is great and widely spread, and we are separated on the wall, far from one another. In the place where you hear the sound of the trumpet, rally to us there. Our God will fight for us.” Too many people get excited about Jesus coming back (which is exciting, don’t get me wrong),... Continue Reading →

All for One … Part 4 of 6

You know the type. You may even be the type. They’re always happy. They smile, they’re cheery, they’re always ready with a kind and uplifting word. They have a glow about them. Now you may hate these types. They make you wander what kind of drugs they’re taking. And instead of cheering you up, they... Continue Reading →

All for One, One for All … Part 1 of 6

The Three Musketeers. A novel filled with love, intrigue, betrayal, sword fights, espionage, and great ambitions. What more could one all for. And we thought our current politics was brutal. It’s been awhile since politicians settled conflict by duel (think Hamilton, people.) There is a scene in one of the theatrical versions where they are... Continue Reading →

May I Have Your Attention, Please?

Most my life, I have hated long phone calls. I may give attention to my beloved wife and child, but with most people, if you haven’t finished the point in about 45 seconds, my mind has drifted elsewhere. So believe me when I say, todays’s quote hits me pretty hard. Me after 30 seconds Our... Continue Reading →

Prayers of the Broken Hearted

Before Nehemiah prayed about rebuilding the broken walls, he first prayed for a healing of the broken people - including himself. Are you more concerned about the “nation” or about the people? About events or about lives? Is the burden in your prayers more about the church building and numbers or about the individuals and... Continue Reading →

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