May I Have Your Attention, Please?

Most my life, I have hated long phone calls. I may give attention to my beloved wife and child, but with most people, if you haven’t finished the point in about 45 seconds, my mind has drifted elsewhere. So believe me when I say, todays’s quote hits me pretty hard.

Me after 30 seconds

Our prayers are not to be 30 second phone conversations with a few texts sprinkled in. (Thought I do believe there is time for prayers of brevity). For the most part, He desires time with us. So …

If you want maximum attention FROM God, you need to give maximum attention TO God.

Do you agree with that statement? I don’t think God is a bargainer – in the sense of what he gives has to be relative to what he gets – he is a big God and we could never equal that which he gives. That’s the whole concept of grace. But there of something to this concept.

As James said, “The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.” It’s the righteous man, the one living for Him. Some translations (and the following verse) connect this to fervent praying. Fervently … enthusiastically and passionate.

Does this define your prayer life? Then maybe this also could be connected to the answers you are receiving? Hum, maybe there is something to …

If you want maximum attention FROM God, you need to give maximum attention TO God.

– a fervent pray-er

So to wrap up, let me share another author’s articles on how to stay focused and fervent in our prayers.:

So spend a little time giving attention to the One who made you! And do it with passion!





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