All for One, One for All … Part 3 of 6

IT’S A DIRTY JOB — BUT SOMEONE HAS GOT TO DO IT. The lesson, some people are willing to serve … even in areas unappealing.

Many yucky pics could’ve been shown. This was mild.

There is a TV show on the Discovery Channel called Dirty Jobs. In it, Mike Rowe explores those nasty, disgusting, dangerous, often avoided jobs that someone’s got to do in our world. Did they pick the short straw? Are they being punished? We often cry “Why would you willingly do that?” I mean, raccoon skinning, yak farming cleanup, munitions assembly, and more.

But these, and even minor domestic unappealing work endeavors, need to get done. Cleaning bathrooms, weeding the flower bed, changing diapers … are normal yet unappealing jobs. Often, and unfortunately sexist, many of these end up as the mom’s responsibility. Thank your mother today people, or you may never have had your stanky diaper changed.

At work – it’s toner changing, microwave cleaning, late shift covering, bio-hazard removal duties. Or at school – detention supervision or always getting the rowdy ones assigned to your class (I now publicly apologize to my 3rd Grade Teacher for me having been that kid, and the 4th grade one too, and maybe … never mind, all of you who taught me, I’m sorry.)

In the Nehemiah 3 chapter, were the wall is being restored and the gates are being replaced/rehung … there is an unsung hero, Malchijah. His name means ‘YHWH is king.’ And he lived out his life showing this reality.

Malchijah the son of Rechab, ruler of the district of Beth-haccherem, repaired the Dung Gate. He rebuilt it and set its doors, its bolts, and its bars.

Nehemiah 3.14

So get the full picture here … this man, whose name shows YHWH (or Jehovah) is king, who himself is ruler (or son of a ruler) of an area whose city’s name means ‘house of the vineyard’ … fixes … the dung gate. One word … Ewww. Again … Ewww.

The Jerusalem Dung Gate during the Ottoman period.

So this Napa Valley like rich dude is working on the gate where all the refuge, garbage, and poopy is taken out. And I think his name shows why.

Malchijah – Jehovah is his king.

Jehovah is our king. No job too small. No job too unappealing. We serve at His pleasure. And I do it willingly, completely, and joyfully. Not just knowing who God is, but also mindful of what He’s done for me, for you, leads me to serve.

And I will serve … no matter where, no matter when, no matter what.

Will you join me in the effort? Even if it means dung gate duty?





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