Get Rid of That Stump – But How?

There’s a barricade in your way. It huge and it’s been there a while. The problem is it is in the middle of the field in which you are working. This responsibility you have is important. This barricade, this obstacle you have, is a dilemma in your life. This part of your life journey may… Continue reading Get Rid of That Stump – But How?

First Church of the Ice Rink

The town is a landmark. One of the oldest in America. It is one third of the Historic Triangle which is completed by Yorktown and Jamestown. At the heart of the town is a living museum/historic district where travelers can immerse themselves in colonial times with actors, exhibits, and more. Colonial Williamsburg. We ventured there… Continue reading First Church of the Ice Rink

16 Small Gestures that Makes Happy Relationships

Listen up my son, for you as a married man of one month can get some tips here. Listen up myself, for even after decades of marriage, I can really learn something here too. Yesterday, I mentioned my marriage is a quid pro quo and then within hours this article came across my screen. The… Continue reading 16 Small Gestures that Makes Happy Relationships

I Met Her a Year Ago … Oh How Things Have Changed

Tiffany Sheffield ... a young, beautiful, strong woman who rolled into my life through a close relative's connection. I sat down with her, along with my wife and my first born ... at one of my favorite brisket places - Hard 8. We discussed life, God, and her plans for my son. In two weeks… Continue reading I Met Her a Year Ago … Oh How Things Have Changed

Kick that Person to the Curb

Get rid of 'em. No mercy. Zero sympathy. Before you fill my comments with abrasive responses, let me explain the lesson I learned this week. (But actually, I do appreciate all comments ... so comment away.) I am doing some reading on bees ... those pesky little stingers we run from but enjoy their byproducts… Continue reading Kick that Person to the Curb