16 Small Gestures that Makes Happy Relationships

Listen up my son, for you as a married man of one month can get some tips here. Listen up myself, for even after decades of marriage, I can really learn something here too. Yesterday, I mentioned my marriage is a quid pro quo and then within hours this article came across my screen. The heavens sent me a message on what my quid should look like if I ever desire to get a quo.

Huffington Post’s article by Kelsey Borresen gave us these great tips. And I will add some of my own …

  • set the coffee maker so it’s ready in the morning, or get up before your partner and start that aromatic delight
  • make dinner AND do the dishes
  • take a walk together after dinner
  • Set the thermostat for them, not you
  • give foot massages (my wife refuses to let me touch her feet but doesn’t balk at neck rubs)
  • prep lunch for the next day
  • kiss good night, NO MATTER WHAT
  • say thank you for little things
  • tuck each other in, even if different times of going to bed
  • leave encouraging notes beside the bed
  • squeeze the toothpaste on the partners brush (yeah, I’ll pass on this one)
  • snuggle to warm up that perpetual cold partner

And I add …

  • Say a prayer together … pray a blessing for your partner
  • Check the doors (and alarms) so your partner feels secure
  • Make sure they’re phone is charged, so they will be ready in the morning
  • Say a prayer together … wait, I said this. Yes I did, and it’s so important I mention it again.

Basically, esteem them higher than yourself – put them first and try to be a blessing. Wait. Isn’t that what the Bible says?

So … as good as the Huffington Post article is, Paul pretty much said it 2000 years.

Tonight, before you go to bed, what will you do to esteem your partner? Better yet, don’t wait, go ahead and do it today.





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