I Don’t Know You … But I’d Like To

I have a lot of things about me that people don’t know. Maybe I like it that way, maybe I don’t. There are lots of reasons I am the way I am.

I could blame it on my parents. I mean, my father moved us around a lot. About 8 times before I graduated high school. I never developed the lifestyle to get to know people beyond a superficial level. I think I passed that on to my kid … sorry Calvin, blame granddad.

I could blame it on fear. I am a little cautious in opening up. Will you like me? What if you think I am weird, I mean weirder than you already know. You might reject me and I am not sure if I could really take that.

I could blame it on laziness. Building relationships is tough and time consuming. I often find comfort in a good book or TV show – something I can do in solitude on my own schedule. I was in one state of our great southern USA, serving deep in country, and it seemed if I didn’t open up to many people’s way of life, they didn’t have interest I really getting to build relationships. I didn’t, and still don’t care, to fish, hunt, or have wild game dinners. The only wild dinner I can handle is Buffalo Wild Wings. So I didn’t take the time, nor did others for me.

Maybe I can’t stand the superficial aspect of relationships today … example, getting to know each other through questions answered blindly on FaceBook … 20 things you didn’t know about me. Barf.

(Cue music, shift in blog) Here is the point I am trying to get to – those 20 questions are great, but let’s do it face to face. Spend time unplugged (hard for me). And let’s just hang out. I was reading Philippians 3.8, “I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Jesus Christ my Lord …”. It hit me. I really know a lot about Jesus, I can answer the 20 questions and share Him with others. I can sing great songs about Him (note: not great singing, but singing great songs). I can study Him, His ways, and seek to know more.

But I miss the point way too often. I don’t need to know more, I need to know Him more. I need to spend time with Him, share my dreams, my hopes, my fears, and yes, my worries.

Today (May 2, 2019) is the National Day of Prayer. So I do encourage meeting with others, praying for our nation, leaders, schools, churches, family, people, etc.. But maybe you also need to spend some just praying alone, praying to Him man to man, well, man to God. Like Paul, I want to count everything as loss to knowing Him.

I miss the point way too often. I don’t need to know more, I need to know Him more!

On people to people … need some discussion starter questions? Here are some … find the rest of 100 questions here.

  • Who is your hero? Why?
  • What is the favorite thing about your career?
  • Beach or mountain person?
  • What’s your favorite zoo animal? Why?
  • How old were you when you realized there was no Santa Clause? How did you find out?
  • Tell me about your first crush.

Spend time with God today. Spend time with people today. Get to know each other.





One response to “I Don’t Know You … But I’d Like To”

  1. ThatGirlBeckiee Avatar

    Nice, this is so me too.


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