Some Good News in a Bad News World

We live in a world that is constantly hearing or reading bad news. Health crisis. Washington politics. Countries in despair. Human trafficking. Weather catastrophes. Only one Blockbuster Video store left in the world (Bend, Oregon ... you go peeps, I still have my card). So let's hear some good news ... from Birmingham, Alabama. He... Continue Reading →

Scars Under the Skin

One of the more difficult types of scars to discuss, to deal with, and to heal are the internal scars - from an emotional or relational wound. The loss of a loved one, abuse, rejection, failure, broken dreams, broken promises, and more. Tomorrow I will close out this scars thread, but today, I want to... Continue Reading →

It Was a Good Day

It was a good morning. This morning, I was honored to lead the Men’s Bible study with my Thursday morning group. The regular leader was in Louisville at conference. I was excited about this. I warned them I had not been behind the pulpit for a while so they should get comfortable because I was... Continue Reading →

Theology of Waiting

I am not in control. You are not in control. When you look around, sometimes it seems nobody is in control. One way this shows itself is the inevitable truth that a lot of our life seems to be spent waiting. Waiting. Have you ever given this a passing thought - I mean more than... Continue Reading →

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