Scars Under the Skin

One of the more difficult types of scars to discuss, to deal with, and to heal are the internal scars – from an emotional or relational wound. The loss of a loved one, abuse, rejection, failure, broken dreams, broken promises, and more. Tomorrow I will close out this scars thread, but today, I want to share a great page I came across.

I am doing a new devotional from the ‘he reads truth’ series. It is the ‘mourning and dancing’ edition. This delves into the Lament Psalms … pretty good stuff. Today was how to talk with someone with an emotional scar of a loss. It is a page that is tender, kind, sensitive, and educational. I could retype it … but I will just attach this jpg. Copy it, put it in your phone cache, and use it. I have been on four ministerial degree programs … and I could’ve used this years ago … and today.

Be blessed …





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