Danger Zones in The Tech World

Take the red pill or blue pill. With the blue pill, you wake up and believe whatever you want. But … the red pill. Take that pill and you see how deep the rabbit hole goes, your eyes open to reality. But reality can be harsh, cruel, and difficult to navigate. The blue pill leaves... Continue Reading →

iPhone 11 Personal Review

It gets the job done. I have a problem. I am addicted to technology. My iPhone 11 is just the most recent instrument. It really doesn't matter what the toy is. Thorough the years I remember looking at my pocket watch, even when I knew the time. True, it was a Looney Toon watch that... Continue Reading →

The God Apps

I had a weird thought - what kind of App would God develop? What would it do? Maybe I watch God Friended Me too much this week. I did a quick web search to see what was out there. Some of the top hits were ... HU: Experience the God Sound. Kind of a mantra,... Continue Reading →

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