The God Apps

I had a weird thought – what kind of App would God develop? What would it do? Maybe I watch God Friended Me too much this week.

I did a quick web search to see what was out there. Some of the top hits were …

  • HU: Experience the God Sound. Kind of a mantra, meditative chant and more. Nope.
  • The God TV App. More of a portal to a Christian cable/web channel. Good, but not what I want.
  • The God Test … and God Tools. Two apps to help you share your faith, equip you to deal with searchers and skeptics. Again, good premise, but not hitting my target.
  • The God Box. I like this. Built to accompany a book by the same name. The book writes of a person that wrote encouraging letters and faith cards to lift and assist others in their journey. She would save them in a God Box till she delivered them. This app lets you write notes on the go in electronic format, then send them when you can later. I think I’ll get this. But still, not what I am looking for.
  • Then this showed up – The God App – but it is not an app. It’s a murder mystery book about an app that knows the future. So close but nope.

I would imagine the app would share His love, His Word, and His will for each one of us. I would want a way to submit questions, interact with other app holders, and a way for it to warn us when we get off track – “Ding – please return to the appropriate path. This direction leads to disaster. Thank you.”

It would warn us … “Ding – please return to the appropriate path. This direction leads to disaster. Thank you.”

Part map, part journal, part text book, part philosophy, part future vision, part warning system, part game (after all, that’s what apps I use anyway) … wait, that’s sound a lot like what the Bible is and does (minus the game part). And that is in print, audio, video, apps galore, and more. But it doesn’t need to stay on the phone – it needs to get into our heart.

So today – don’t replace your time in the Bible by spending time in other apps. Get into the Word and let the Word get into you.

Have a blessed day.





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