iPhone 11 Personal Review

It gets the job done.

I have a problem. I am addicted to technology. My iPhone 11 is just the most recent instrument. It really doesn’t matter what the toy is. Thorough the years I remember looking at my pocket watch, even when I knew the time. True, it was a Looney Toon watch that had a cool case and colorful artwork on the dial, but I opened it, shut it, repeat. In high school, I remember the first Zippo that I would flick, light, close, repeat. (Not a pyromaniac, don’t fret). Constantly looking at a wrist watch made me take them off. Then it was the Palm Pilot, Dell Axim X51, playing snake on the Motorola, and finally the iPhone generation began.

The iPhone 11 is the latest in my line of toys.

Yes, the camera is superb. The audio picks up recording quite well (used it in the recent wedding). Screen resolution is the best I’ve had. The speed phenomenal. I love the quick camera button. And battery life … I do not miss the iPhone 6 and constant charging.

It’s a bit bigger than I am used to. So one handed tinkering is limited. I had to get used to the loss of my home button, but that came quickly. And the screen grab is a little tedious. I’ll get used to that as well I guess. Kind of have to.

I don’t use half the options. I tried to set up Siri as an Aussie – it just stopped talking to me all together. And no matter how much I try, Siri won’t stop saying “umm-hm”. I instructed her to say something else but she ignored that too. Seems to be my way with most women. And the screen is a bit sensitive … as I scroll through articles and news reports, it constantly opens new windows from hyperlinks. Annoying. Way too sensitive at times. But again, so am I. It isn’t cheap. But that might help me take care of it better.

I think it is a great toy, tool, phone. It gives my ADHD mind a distraction and ultimately, it makes and receives phone calls. Though Verizon could put a few more towers up here in rural central Virginia.

My iPhone 11 … It gets the job done.

But it also does a lot more than I need at times, so it needs to sit face down more. That has nothing to do with the phone. That has to do with me. And probably you as well. We’ve become way to engrossed in our phones, tablets, etc. It is great to stay connected and great to have the phone as means for security and peace of mind … but I don’t want it to have control over my mind.

So today, I will challenge myself to turn it over, not look at it as much, and spend more time with people.

We were created for relationships … not with our phones but with people. Will you help me do that? I’ll try help you too. I won’t throw it out the window, I promise.





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