My Story – And I’m Sticking to It

Recently, I have been asked several times what was my story.  And though I dread talking about myself (I am way too proud of my humility), I realized I needed to get a short version sharing about who I am and what is going on in my life.  So, I spent some time and jotted down this one page narrative of “my story”.

I realize this a weird, and bit self absorbed, blog entry; but I think it does help people get a better picture of this wise man writing such a delightful blog.  So, today, sit back and I invite you into my life just a little bit more. I also encourage to get your story down so you can share it to others.  We all have story.

My Story – My story is a story of grace.

Who I Am … 

I am a husband, a father, a preacher’s kid, and a preacher from a family of three generations of preachers.

I am a seeker and a servant – And a servant leader called by God to pour my life into His Kingdom and to people’s lives.

But mostly, I am an imperfect person saved by the grace of God and I am growing in that grace. Like every person, I am a masterpiece of our great Lord, I am covered in mud and am messy – but being I am being restored by the love and grace of my Master.

My Journey so Far …
I was born in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and am a product of the ‘burbs of southern cities – Charlotte, Raleigh, NoVa, Richmond, and Dallas. I am above average in book smarts but often show I need to grow a bit in common sense – the geek in me is still growing in street smarts! My two biggest ties are to Dallas (college, seminary, wife, son, in-laws, etc) and Virginia (longest pastorate, my mother, and my childhood). I am always torn between this tale of two cities. This, and the constant moving around as a kid, created a restless, nomadic lifestyle that is always looking forward and not really able to settle.

Being a PK, I grew up in the church – so church and a life of faith are central to who I am. But you need to realize, the church and faith are central to my life not because of my family, but by my own personal choice.

I was the youngest (and favorite) of four kids. This made me easy going, sociable, owner of a great sense of humor (at least in my mind), and very flexible in the variety of cultures in which I find myself.

School and academic settings have been very important to me and this is seen in the four degree programs I have worked through. And though every one was in the area of ministry/Biblical Studies, each degree experience was unique and added to my style, my approach, and my appreciation and understanding for the Word and for ministry.

My Wilderness Setting …
A little over two years ago, Lisa and I returned to DFW for caregiving responsibilities. I had to resign from a healthy church pastorate and take a step of faith. It is as if I am roaming in the wilderness. This time of wilderness has deepened my sympathy of those with struggles of life and of those in their own wilderness. I find myself in a vocational quandary. Though the years have given me unique opportunity to observe and learn from some of the greatest mega-churches the DFW area, I am not sure why the Lord hasn’t opened the next door of opportunity in my story. But I am confident He will. I have a deep desire to use my passions and gifts (teaching/admin/discipleship), my school, my experience (3 decades in ministry) … in Kingdom service. I love the church – I love seeing people connect – to His Word, His family, and His Kingdom work.

So Here I Am …
I am a unique masterpiece of God with mud all over – yet being restored by the Master.
I am a kinder, deeper receiver and giver of grace, a desperate part of family of God.
For I am desperate to see the power of God move in my life and the life of others.







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