I Will Follow You!!

Good Boss – Bad Boss. Today, I was going to list a few characteristics of a bad boss. But you could look at yesterday’s good qualities and just look at the opposite – questionable character, poor people skills, incompetent, lazy, steals credit, isolates himself, no concern for his team members – and so on. But instead of exploring those, let’s keep this positive. So let’s look at some qualities of great followers.

There are many illustrations from the Bible – Elisha followed Elijah, early on in his life – many outcasts followed David, Silas followed Paul, Peter (and the Disciples) followed Jesus, Luke followed Yoda (okay, added this), and many others. Following is key, so let’s be the best we can be!

One ministry I talked to recently had you watch a video on an ideal team player – they had humility (solid understanding of one’s worth), hunger (passion – strong work ethic), and were people smart (interpersonally, EQ, etc). These are powerful characteristics and a great starting place, but we can explore this deeper. ((Note: Many of these are same qualities for leaders, because good followers are leaders in the making))

CHARACTER – I believe the top quality is character. The integrity, moral fortitude, honesty, trustworthy, and more. Abraham Lincoln said reputation is the shadow – but character is the tree.

COMMUNICATOR – Listens, has clarity, is open and willing to speak up when necessary.

CHEMISTRY / TEAM PLAYER – Helps others, knows their place in the dynamic of the structure. By this they also know they are not the leader but will support and encourage the leader. Their people skills help them get along well with the team.

INDEPENDENT INITIATIVE – Knows their role within the team, fulfills assignments, yet also takes the initiative when they see they see things that need to be done. They don’t wait for the title or compensation to do something. Like Jerry Rice said, “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what other’s can’t.”

Today I will do what others won’t,
so tomorrow I can accomplish what other’s can’t
– Jerry Rice

PASSIONATE / NOT ABOUT PAYCHECK – though compensation is important, the key is passionate about what they are doing.

LEARNER – Great followers keep on learning.

OWNERSHIP – you own your failures (where you learned too) and your successes. You don’t blame others or pass the buck. And you celebrate with the team in the team success.


So, what kind of follower or you? How many of these characteristics do you have? And if there was one you needed to work on, which is it? Now go and work on it.

Go a little deeper – OneTwo, and Three.

TOMORROW – healthy work places. Think of your favorite TV show that has a healthy work place environment. Why do you think it is healthy?



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