Surprise Inspection – They are Watching

All week at my employment, we have been prepping for a surprise inspection. Apparently, an undercover corporate agent/guest travels the country, evaluates the properties, the personnel, the experience, and everything to make sure the hotels are up to snuff. So closets have been cleaned, repairs have been caught up, inventory has been stocked up, and a general spring cleaning has taken place. And also critical is making sure personnel are on their toes. We have our name tag clearly evident, answer the phone properly, upsell the reward program, and so forth.

Last time, I was evaluated on the way I answered and set a wake up call. I kind of butchered the name and added a ‘God bless’ at the end of the phone call. Oops. I don’t think I ever felt uncomfortable saying that before.

The next day, when the inspector revealed his presence and gave the evaluation to management – he said that I gave a decent try on my effort at his name. And, he said, I added an interesting personal touch at the end of the call – but did not grade down on it.

Now let’s put aside the discussion on potentially being counted off points for saying a general statement of blessing – that can be looked at in another post. The thing that I an connecting here is that what it is like to live in a constant state of wondering if you are being evaluated, to live in a state of alertness that every thing you do could potentially be judged.

The truth is – we are always being evaluated. First, the world is watching. There is an evaluation of whether we walk the talk.

Second, God is watching. Ecclesiastes 1:14 says, “ For God will bring every deed into judgment, with[a] every secret thing, whether good or evil.”  (Calvin’s favorite verse)

WOW – kinda heavy when you realize this. And truthfully, while we are to make every effort to live worthy of our calling – if you are like me, we blow it. We make mistakes. Sometimes intentional, sometimes not. Sometimes public, sometimes private. This awareness could easily lead one to live in a constant state of fear.

Martin Luther struggled with this and the burden of guilt – he spent hours in the confessional booth – and pretty much lived in fear. Until – and this is a HUGE UNTIL – Until he grasped what Scripture meant when it says the just shall live by faith. Our righteousness does not come from our actions, or our personnel perfection – for we will never have that. But it comes in faith in what Go has already done for us and provides through Jesus. We live by faith in what has already taken place. And as a born again believer – yes we are being watched, and yes we will blow it, and yes we will blow it again – but we don’t live by our perfection or our own righteousness. We live by His.

WOW – what a burden lifter. Our hope is not in our actions but His. So still make every effort to live a life worthy, but realize our trust is not in our ability – it is in Him and Him alone.

NOTE: so much here, and I felt I rambled, but I hope you grasp this powerful principle and that you don’t live in fear – trust Him.







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