It’s 7-11 … Go get a Slurpee

It’s 7-11, so it’s the day to go pick up a Slurpee at your local 7-Eleven store. I know I will be headed for mine early.

Here are a few pieces of historical trivia …

  • 7-Eleven started in Dallas, specifically Oak Cliff at the corner of Edgefield and 12th, in 1927. (see the attached picture)
  • It was formed when some ice houses formed Southland Ice Company. Then one of the ice houses began to sell food and other items. All the Ice Houses followed the pattern and began to sell food and other items.
  • They were first called Tote’m Stores – a name that came about because of two reasons. First the president of Southland Ice would put Alaskan Totem Poles outside of some of the stores to help people identify the stores. And second, customers would ‘tote’ away their purchases (a pun intended by the President of the company)
  • It was renamed 7-Eleven in in 1946, based on the hours it would remain open. These hours were considered extensive back then.
  • 24 hours of operation began in 1963.
  • It is now owned by a Japanese corporation and has more outlets than any chain – anywhere … over 50,000.

Now some fun trivia …

  • With the release of The Simpson Movie, 12 select stores were renamed Kwik-E-Mart and carried items from the show like Krusty-O’s cereal.
  • Stores are different around the globe … example: Hip, upscale coffee shop feel in Indonesia.
  • Manitoba Canada is Slurpee capital of the world – Maryland is leader in hot dogs – and Long Islanders lead in coffee sales.
  • Slurpees were an accident invented at a Dairy Queen. When the soda fountain broke, he put pops in the freezer. When he opened them, they were slushee. People loved them and kept requesting them
  • He built a specialized machine from an AC unit removed from a car.
  • He called them ICEE but sold the license to 7-Eleven in 1965. They renamed it and the rest is history.

Why this trip down memory lane? No real reason – just some fun 411. Not everything has to be a lesson. And that today is the lesson.

So go get a Slurpee. Me, I prefer Dr. Pepper flavor.  How about your fav flav?

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