The Leaning Tower of … Dallas

I had driven by it many times. Just north of downtown Dallas was an eleven story building that had been strapped with over 300 pounds of explosives. It has to come down to make way for progress, which in this case is a 2.5 billion dollar development. But 300 pounds wasn’t enough. When the dust... Continue Reading →

Stop Giving Thanks to God

Put away the pitchforks. Extinguish the flames and put the oil back in the tank. I am not trying to be heretical. Yes, I know that we are to give thanks in everything. Yes I know every good thing is from above. And yes, I am very, very, very thankful for all our Lord has... Continue Reading →

It’s 7-11 … Go get a Slurpee

It’s 7-11, so it’s the day to go pick up a Slurpee at your local 7-Eleven store. I know I will be headed for mine early. Here are a few pieces of historical trivia ... 7-Eleven started in Dallas, specifically Oak Cliff at the corner of Edgefield and 12th, in 1927. (see the attached picture)... Continue Reading →

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