Road Trip 2/23 … part 1

1200 miles in 22 hours. I didn’t make excellent time but I made good time. And had a good time doing it.

I am traveling and I’m trying to make the most of this trip ….

PURPOSE … I’m a mule. Carrying the boxes and bags for my father-in-law as he returns to the Dallas area for a few months. He refuses to ride with me down. He rode with me up last time and said he would never do that again. Ouch. I mean I listened to and talked about old country music for that entire trip. But to be fair, he said he wouldn’t make that trip by car every again, with anyone.

Secondary purpose … I get to see my son and daughter-in-law and their spawn (my one and only grandson) and no distance is too far for that!

Plus … Road Trips Rock,

My Lesson … We often , and should, do things for people even when it’s not appreciated or even noticed. And in all honesty, I didn’t do it for my FIL, I did it for his daughter (my wife) and would do anything for her.

Plus … Road Trips Rock,

Stock photo but my ‘07 vodoo blue is 250000 miles young!

PEOPLE … My son and daughter (in-law) are a treasure. They say you can’t take your treasures to heaven, but these two will meet me there. Though they will be a lot closer to the throne then me.

My grandson makes everything better. My wife had a long and stressful plane ride. Long and stressful. But at DFW airport, we all here surprised her and meet her at the exit door. True to form for our family, she came out a different exit, even with technology tracking her and me texting her (I am a pretty good stalker of my wife, that’s how I got her to marry me (please don’t tell her that)) … We met her with the grandson ready to hug her and be held by her. He makes everything better.

I’m not a hugger, but dang if I don’t miss hugging him!

Also this trip, I got worship at Gateway and they had a special guest … Greg Laurie! Always a delight and he shared his story and talked about the new movie hitting theaters this month.

The Lesson … people are important. We were created for community and relationships. And this often requires us to work at it, invest in them, and sacrifice for relationships. I would do hours behind a wheel for them anytime.

And the movie coming up! Excited.

PLACES … Dallas. Great food. Good places. Terrible traffic.

Ah Dallas.

The Lesson … no real lesson, just great food.

Ate at Cafe Brazil, my fav 24-hour coffee and breakfast spot; Marty Bs, possibly greatest brisket anywhere; Windmill, a new to me totally immersive food & music eatery; Seven Miles, great breakfast spot in Keller; Pork & Pig Tavern, my son loves their fruity pebbles French toast; and more. Gotta love the Dallas food scene. Not cheap, but oh so good after a 22 hour trip on gas station snacks and energy drinks.

POTENTIAL … I am headed back soon. Cargo space pretty empty with my load unpacked. I have a few days and no real idea what side stops I will make on my way back to Virginia. I have a feeling it will be a longer trip (miles and time) before I pull into home.

My hiking gear is still with me. My FJ, gas hungry as she is, was made for adventure. And I want to see somewhere new. Where will I end up? What will I see?

The lesson … Adventure awaits.





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