Road Trip ‘20 … Day 3-5, Dallas

The sun had set over the Dunes. And now, I was going to head southeast to Dallas. I was singing Amarillo by Morning. Twelve more hours behind the wheels. I love driving but this was getting to me.

My son and his wife had just bought a new house and we had a house warming gift. Well, half a gift. I had a collection of gift cards that I was going to put in a plant. So now, I had to find a plant that would go with her babies … not that kind of babies. She has two good size girls, each with four legs.

So, after a couple of spots, a plant was procured and prepared. I headed to my son’s place of vocation. Now, nobody was supposed to be admitted without their temperature checked, but maybe I just had a trusting face. So a young intern (?) let me in a side door. I made it to security where they called my son out to this unknown gentleman who had gotten in stealthily.

No, wow. No, so cool. No, great to see you. No, hug. Just, “What are you doing here?” … oh yeah, and a fist bump. Social distance and all. And he added quickly, “hey, you can take me to lunch.”

The next two days were good food and great times together. No big events, just meals around different tables, time talking, and being together. Steak cooked by my daughter in law, burgers from Rodeo Goat, chicken and burgers from Marty Bs, and breakfast from Seven Mile Cafe. Shopping and more. DFW is known for the food and it didn’t disappoint.

One of the happiest times was just hanging out at the kitchen table trying to figure out how to switch phones. I passed my iPhone 11 to him for his 8. Between the two of us, we finally got it. But not after laughs and lots of miscues.

Those minutes shared, just him and me, that was the reason I drove over 4000 miles. Yeah, that’s the reason. Hiking and parks were good. But the moments with him, that was the big enchilada. Oh yeah, his wife too, but she is the icing (don’t take that personal, new daughter-in-law).

On Friday, I went to my fav coffee shoppe ... Buzz Brews. But alas, the store had been closed … and a lock-out notice on the door. My one trip downtown had a disappointed ending.

Saturday afternoon, I broke my heart when I drove away. The departure was one of the hardest ever. Never before had I felt this depth of temporary loss.

God has a way of getting my attention on something else. The engine light came on. I took it easy. Prayed. And trusted. It got me home, just misfiring occasionally. But I never lost the emotional hardship of the separation.

I made it home. And we have a great anticipation for their trip here in July for a wedding.

Don’t ever lose the appreciation for those minutes with loved ones. Treasure them. And don’t let any opportunity slip by.

And in the end, it’s great to know all who call on the Lord will be together forever in heaven. That’s comforting, so comforting.





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