Back to School – a Prayer for All

It’s back to school time. Frisco ISD starts today! For the past few weeks, teams of teachers have gathered for lunch at the magical nuggets store. You would think with so many teachers in our presence, the bovine that adorn our walls would learn to spell. But no, phonetic writing is their trademark.

It has been interesting to evaluate the teachers. The early elementary teachers were planning at their tables. The high school teachers seemed calm and enjoying the time with the other teachers. It was the middle school teachers that you saw a ‘here we go again’ look. They deserve hazard pay.

I loved school. Went to over 22 years of it. Loved teaching at two private high schools and at the college level. I could spend hours in any library … but enough about me.

So what can we do to encourage and support our teachers, administrators, students, and all involved in our educational system. A lot. But one thing needs to be the starting place is … prayer.

So I go to National Day of Prayer and share one of their prayers for those in our educational system …

Lord, I ask You to inspire all Christians in education to be Your shining light in schools by being role models and mentors for the younger generations. I pray for teachers to have the wisdom, knowledge, and skills to teach students and make their classrooms places where students learn not only knowledge, but also morality and integrity. I pray that teachers and school administrative leaders would fear You and understand that they have a great responsibility as they train our nation’s future leaders. Holy Spirit, fill the lives of the teachers with Your presence, and by their shining examples, I ask You to draw young people to follow Jesus. Amen.

What a great prayer. Don’t stop praying as Day 1 turns to Day 25. Lift them up all year long.

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