Messed Up People

Sunday’s message was summed up in this quote …

God uses messed up people, because that is all He has got to work with!

Here are the notes from the handout, with blanks filled in …

A look at how our extraordinary God works through ordinary people. Life Lessons from the Big Three (Abraham, Isaac & Jacob) and the legacy they leave.
This could also be titled – Grandpa is a bit crazy!

ABRAHAM, A Man of …

1. Weakness
11.27-32, 12.10-13, 16.1-2
lied, doubted, worked around God’s plan
baggage from a messed up family

2. Willingness
12.1-4, 22.1-3,16
willing to give all – including sacrificing Isaac
got up and went even when did not know where he was going

3. Wisdom
13.8, 14.14-15, 23
knew when to seek peace, even at his expense
knew when to go to war – to save family

4. Worship
17.1ff, 22.9ff
talked with God, called on God, built altars, had visions
God’s friend

5. Witness
an open sided tent welcoming all who passed hos way
this needs to our mentality

An Open Sided Tent
It is not the borders of our tent that should be our concern, it is what happens on the inside

All are invited to encounter the hope, grace, and love of Christ

All find a place of joy … a joy reflected in our praise and celebration in worship

All find hospitality and respect

All can discover life transforming truth found only in the life and works of Jesus

What baggage are you still holding on to? What would it take for you to let go and give it to God?

Is worship exciting to you? What would it look like if your grandkids worshipped with the passion you show in worship? What is the legacy your living?

This week, look at your life and see if you are living an open tent life – here at EBC and all throughout your week. 
What needs to change?

What’s your legacy?






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